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Why is waterproofing so important?

Waterproofing is a key part of the building process. KÖSTER has specialized in waterproofing since 1982. We offer a wide range of waterproofing systems for the construction industry from basement to roof. However, sometimes waterproofing problems require individual solutions. That’s why our highly-skilled technical team works together with our customers to analyze each situation in order to develop a solution which meets the individual requirements of our customers.

Why is waterproofing so important? Each year around the word, massive amounts of money are invested into infrastructure, public, and private building projects. According to a German Government report on damages in building structures, 80% of damages ultimately relate to waterproofing issues. Investing in high quality waterproofing not only protects construction elements against water ingress but also ensures resource efficiency, low maintenance costs, and high return on investment in the long run.

New construction projects

In new construction, external basement waterproofing and waterproofing under the foundation plate protect against water ingress from surrounding soil. TPO roofing membranes protect flat roofs that can last for 50 years in any climatic region around the world. Liquid applied polymer coatings protect balconies and terraces against weathering. Cementitious materials with drinking water certification safeguard our drinking water on the inside of potable water storages. In commercial building projects decorative flooring combines design with easy cleaning. In industrial facilities highly resistant floor coatings protect concrete floors from traffic or contamination by oils, acids as well as provide slip resistance. Joint sealants and injection gels help to successfully build underground infrastructures such as new metro lines and tunnels. Water repellents protect buildings and infrastructure from water ingress while special paints protect façades in coastal areas against the aggressive and salty air.

Restoration projects

In restoration projects cementitious crystallizing waterproofing materials provide waterproofing from the negative side such as in basements or tunnels. Special fast setting blitz mortars can even stop flowing water. Curtain injection or area injection are special solutions that are able to waterproof the external side of a construction without direct access. Horizontal barriers stop rising damp (capillary action) in walls while restoration plasters support the drying process by preventing salts from damaging the building substance. Moisture control systems protect against vapor migration through the concrete slab and prevent flooring failure. Infrastructure forms the heart of trade and commerce in a modern world. Its reinforced concrete structures need to be maintained for secure transportation today and tomorrow. Crack injection technology is capable of repairing cracked concrete structures, whether against active water pressure or just for restoring structural strength.





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